Hi, I'm Allison Ford!  I am a Southern artist, mother, life lover living in sunny South Carolina.  I am so glad you are here.

I grew up in a creative hometown, attended a creative arts school, and developed an appreciation for the arts at a young age. In college, although I had a strong desire to be in the studio, I talked myself out of taking a painting course and took sculpture and printmaking instead.  For years thereafter, I longed to be in a creative space again.  

A few years ago, in between jobs, I leaped with two feet into painting.  I took a course with a bunch of seasoned artists and soaked up the critique and learned some basics of color theory.  I started collaging and being free with mixing colors and exploring and have not put down the brush since.   

I am primarily an abstract artist with a love for mixed media design and collage work. I focus on painting how I feel and am inspired by organic shapes, nature, and bright colors.  My work is full of textures, depth, and layers. I want viewers and collectors to want to dive into the painting, to touch and feel it, and explore the work with all of the senses.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you find something here that inspires you and makes you so happy.  

Photography by: Kimberly Michelle Gibson Photography