Interested in working with me on a special piece? I work with families and designers and have done countless commissions of all sizes and shapes!

The process is simple and we’ll work hand in hand the entire process. 

Send me a picture of the space, let me know the colors or fabrics we like or are trying to match, colors to avoid, and pictures of any of my work that serves as inspiration.  Let me know your thoughts on the preferred size of canvas. Additionally, know that I can do commissions on paper as well to give you even more options. 

To get started I send an invoice for 50% of the amount and the turn around time is about 3-4 months. I can also offer framing for an additional cost for certain sizes.  As we work together,  I’ll update you on progress, show you pictures, and will welcome any feedback you might have.  We will work together to make tweaks and the requested adjustments.  The balance invoice is sent once the piece is approved and at that time, any shipping and framing costs will be added to the final bill.

2023 Commission Pricing
CANVAS (inches)
20 x 20 $700
18 x 24 $850
24 x 24  $950
30 x 30 $1,200
24 x 36 $1,300
30 x 40 $1,700
36 x 36 $1,800
36 x 48 $2,200
48 x 48 $2,700
48 x 60 $3,200
Contact me for additional and/or custom sizes and associated pricing.  Pricing for paper pieces is also available upon request.  Framing (optional) and shipping/delivery charges are not included in the above-stated pricing.


Fill out the form below and contact me for more information.  The form is helpful for thinking through exactly what you’d like for your space. I'd love to work with you to create something custom and special.